800 seguidoras

This, right here, is officially the 800th entry for “When EF Talks.” It’s a little hard to fathom, really. That’s a heck-of-a-lot ‘o writing over a heck-of-a-lot ‘o years.   By the numbers, we’ve had almost half a million reads (460,190, to be exact…) during that time. Eight hundred entries. 460,000 reads.(1) Wow… So, let […]

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This Valentine’s Day


A bit earlier today, as I was checking out at Central Market, the cashier made a snarky comment that stuck in my craw. I was buying Valentine’s flowers, cards, and dinner for Dennise and me. As I swiped my card to the beep of the register, the cashier said, “Aw….just short-stem roses?” She said it […]

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Corny Dog Hero

(Borrowed from Centraltrack.com)

I scarfed my traditional Fletcher’s Corny Dog at the State Fair yesterday. In fact, I had two. They were delicious, of course. But every year when I eat my Fletcher’s Corny Dog, my thoughts are taken away from the State Fair of Texas, to a most unlikely scene. Every year as I scarf my dog, […]

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Welcome, Again.


If you’re here, that means you found me! So, welcome to the new “When EF Talks!” The best/coolest thing about this move is that all the old entries ported over. I can already see that some of the formattings a bit wonky, but I’ll get around to fixing that eventually. As I said in my […]

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Thanksgiving/Black Friday Reminder…


Wouldn’t it be great if the shoppers saw this in the holiday windows? I’ve written many times about the paradox of these two days, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. My favorite quote on this paradox comes from my preacher friend, David Weber: “Americans stopped for awhile yesterday to give thanks for what they have, then rose […]

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Looking Back At the One Thing Worse: The Legacy of Prophetic Preaching


A Sermon Preached at Northaven United Methodist Church, Dallas Texas November 17, 2013 Audio Version of this Sermon: Here Original Bill Holmes sermon text from 1963: Here  “History Does Not Repeat Itself, but It Does Rhyme.” — Mark Twain Today, we take a special look back at one of the events that most changed our […]

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So, apparently this is my 600th blog entry. Yikes. That’s a whompin’ load ‘o writing. My blog’s title, of course, is a riff on the old EF Hutton ads that ran during the 70s and 80s. If you watched TV back then, you couldn’t help but see these ubiquitous commercials. Here’s one version… They repeated […]

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A New iTunes Single and Reflections on 50 Years

I’m pleased to announce that my song “Sitting In the Trade Hall (11.22.63)” (1) is now available on iTunes as a single. This song will eventually be on my new CD, whenever it’s finally done. But given that we’re a month-out from the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, I thought it was a good […]

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More Evidence that America’s "Mission Field" Future is Progressive

Several online friends sent this essay to me this week: Religious Progressives Predicted To Outnumber Conservatives, Survey Finds  It’s well worth the read, and cites data that comes from the Public Religion Research Institute. A few standout quotes: “With each generation, the popularity of religious conservatism has declined. Forty-seven percent of the Silent Generation (ages […]

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Keep Moving Forward. Don’t Look Back.

For ten years, Dennise and I have lived with the memory of one of the most terrifying journeys we ever took. It was a pre-GPS navigation world. It was a pre-digital-photography world too. But since we have both now, we recreated this journey the other day, such that we now have pictures to tell the […]

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