Happy Birthday, Divine Miss M

The very first game most babies play is “Peek-A-Boo.” Even before they can walk —when they can do little more than see a foot or two ahead— babies play this game for hours. Peek-A-Boo is all about going away and coming back. For a moment, a baby’s eyes are covered; and, for them, since they […]

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“Gethsemane” has always been my favorite song from “Jesus Christ Superstar.” In fact, I’d have to say it ranks as one of my top ten favorite all-time songs, period. Today is pretty much the day of the year to remember it. No better time than Maundy Thursday. I first encountered the song, and JCS, as […]

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Brian Williams, Chris Kyle, and “The Moral Outrage Machine”©

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Brian Williams has not survived the kerfuffle over his helicopter ride in Iraq. And, personally, I think that is a shame. As has been said many times the past few days: The only person ever held accountable for lies related to the Iraq War. Yes, what he did was terrible. And I’ll absolutely admit that […]

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Of Voice and Verse

Originally posted on "Scattershooting":
Although the genesis and perhaps lion’s share of credit for the power in this inspiring scene from “Dead Poets Society” belongs with screenwriter Tom Schulman, it is the understated yet determined passion in Robin Williams’s delivery that carries the power and meaning of the words through the mind and…

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