An Open Letter to Rep. Kyle Biedermann


February 2, 2017 Representative Biedermann, I regret not meeting you in person on Tuesday, as I spent the day in Austin as an ally to my Muslim brothers and sisters. However, I heard from several of them that they had fruitful face-to-face conversations with you during that day. Having heard some of their stories that […]

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Failure to Move


Several folks have been curious about the actual charge against those of us who were arrested at the White House on Thursday. I won’t quote the technical language of the statute, but it boils down to standing in front of the White House, holding a sign, and not moving when asked. In a nutshell, we […]

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Quick Thoughts On Today’s Non-Violent Witness


We are safe. We are healthy. All is well. Today’s action went incredibly well, any way you choose to look at it. More than 100 faith leaders (Many clergy. Even Bishops) chose to be arrested at the White House, as a witness against our nation’s treatment of immigrants, calling the President and Congress to act. […]

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Remembering the Bullet Holes

Maria Madre de los Pobres 2005 055

Today’s #TBT is this picture from 2005. It was taken on our mission trip that year, to visit our friends at Maria Madre de los Pobres Church in San Salvador. In case it’s not clear, the picture is a bullet hole. It’s a bullet hole in the parish house wall. It’s a bullet hole you […]

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Calling Our Nation To Do More On Immigration


A reflection from Dr. Owen Ross and Rev. Eric Folkerth: Tomorrow, the two of us will travel to Washington DC to take part in a non-violent action to support just treatment of immigrants by our government and people. More than 150 clergy will join us from across the United States, as we make our witness, […]

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Standing Up for Immigrants


Northaven Friends, and Friends Beyond, Those of you at worship today were a part of the beautiful “sending prayer” that the congregation gave me at the end of the service. I was deeply honored to received it. For those who were not there, or missed the news, on Wednesday I will be traveling to Washington […]

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Remember the Lady of the Harbor


Maybe the people of Murietta are just too many miles from the Lady of the Harbor. Maybe in their comfortable Southern California town, far away from Liberty’s statue, it’s just too easy to forget that we’re all immigrants.; and that even the men (yes, men) who signed the declaration we celebrate this day were also all […]

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The Dream is Now

It’s hard to fathom that I haven’t written anything on immigration in so long. Not to brag, but I was writing on immigration before immigration was cool. Or, at least, before there was a bill that stood a chance of passing. So, now, the Dream Act is before us. It’s got some chance of passing, […]

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Prayer Vigil in Opposition to Senate Bill 9

I was honored to be a part of a prayer vigil today, outside the offices of State Representative Solomon, in Carrollton. The reason was the possible reemergence of anti-immigrant legislation at the state level. It was a great honor to be with Owen Ross and approximately 40 persons, including six United Methodist ministers from around […]

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Because You Were Once an Alien (Immigration and Faith)


Last Saturday, I had the great honor of participating in the second MegaMarch here in Dallas, Texas. Twenty or so Northaveners(1a), and a few friends from the North Texas Conference, joined our voices with the 56,000-plus folks who gathered in downtown.(1) (Myself and old friend, Rev. Gerald Britt, just before the march began)   (People in […]

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