The Planter Box by the Side of the Trail


White guys can be such a-holes sometimes. It’s embarrassing. There are so many days when I’m embarrassed to be a white guy. And not just because of the Donald Trump’s and Ted Nugent’s of the world, either. I’m talking about run-of-the-mill, a-hole white guys. I think those guys annoy me even more, because I ought […]

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On the homestretch of a very long 48 mile ride today. Left out of the house far too early this morning, because the forecast said it would rain around noon. But, the sky seems to be clearing and so I feel ripped off for leaving my warm bed and wife so early this morning. My […]

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Windows and Doors


At the last of the five San Antonio missions. Espada is definitely my favorite. Such a sense of the holy here. The last of the five on the mission trail. On my bike today, so it’s a kind of pilgrimage to get here. The last time I was here, perhaps because it had been a […]

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After The Storm


Yesterday was another ride on my Trek Navigator bike, instead of the road bike, which is still in the shop. But that ended up being good, because the trail was almost impassible, due to storm debris. Especially on the creek portion of the trial, there was occasional thick mud and water, and even a wooden […]

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A Violation of the Sanctuary


While on my bike ride yesterday I stopped at this spot to take this picture. Everybody in Dallas will know why. For those who do not, here’s a summary… Just five days ago, on Monday morning, our whole city was rocked by the news that a jogger, David Stevens, had been murdered on the trail. […]

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MLK and Karen Armstrong


In the midst of a long ride on this absolutely gorgeous MLK day. Temperatures almost near 70°. Lots of people out here enjoying the day. Almost no wind and I’m just flying around. My companion on my past few rides has been Karen Armstrong’s new book “Fields of Blood.” I’m “reading” a great audiobook version, […]

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German POWs and the Third Base Line


First ride of the year today. Lots of families out here. Lots of kids riding what appeared to be brand-new Christmas bikes. A couple of strange pictures for you today. Strange, until I explain them. First, a picture off the back of Winfrey Point. I’ve shared dozens of pictures with you of the western view; […]

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