Election PTSD


It seems to me everybody I know is feeling it. A feeling that this election has stirred up the dark underbelly of American society. It’s like we’ve been cooking a big batch of chili, and dragged up the charred, bitter, burned detritus from the bottom of the pot.   We are stirred up. And what […]

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City Hawk


How about forgetting  politics for a moment? Turning our heads outward and upward? Here’s a song I wrote over the weekend. It’s about my spirit animal…Hawks. Feel free to share, and hope you enjoy it. Every time I see a Hawk, especially in the city, I gasp….they take me out of my self, and my […]

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We passed a significant milestone with Connections last Sunday night. We officially passed the $300,000 mark in funds raised by the band. Wow. Pretty freakin’ awesome. Key numbers: 10 years. 58 shows. $301,262 raised. Below, you’ll find some graphs, that detail how much has been raised for each beneficiary, and how much was raised each […]

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800 seguidoras

This, right here, is officially the 800th entry for “When EF Talks.” It’s a little hard to fathom, really. That’s a heck-of-a-lot ‘o writing over a heck-of-a-lot ‘o years.   By the numbers, we’ve had almost half a million reads (460,190, to be exact…) during that time. Eight hundred entries. 460,000 reads.(1) Wow… So, let […]

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These Rooms

MariaVideo - 1 (6)

We take Maria to college tomorrow. All week, I’ve been posting links to songs that speak to me in this moment of transition and change for all of us. Here’s another, very personal one. Many years ago, I wrote a song for Maria. It was recorded and released years ago. But I put down a […]

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Windows and Doors


At the last of the five San Antonio missions. Espada is definitely my favorite. Such a sense of the holy here. The last of the five on the mission trail. On my bike today, so it’s a kind of pilgrimage to get here. The last time I was here, perhaps because it had been a […]

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Keep Hope Alive


As I watched Bernie Sanders’ speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, I was taken back to 1988, and the night Jesse Jackson spoke. I had voted for Jesse Jackson in the primaries, and was a big supporter of his that year. This followed two straight previous elections where I had voted for Ronald […]

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Sermon In Response to the Dallas Shootings


This is different, isn’t it? We’ve been here before. We’ve been in church, the Sunday after some mass shooting…somewhere…and we’ve viscerally felt the horror and the shock. You’ve heard me preach on those Sundays. But this is so different. This is our home. Our city. Violence toward our police. In our downtown, where some of […]

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“A great time to be alive…” (My Eulogy for Jack Evans)


Jack Evans was truly a larger than life human being who, along with his husband George, got too live through momentous and positive changes for LGBTQ people. I have said many times, say it again now, Jack and George have taught my wife and me a lot about what it takes to make a relationship […]

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Signs That Are More Than Ink On Paper


When I was a kid, there was a program called “Helping Hands” that was supposed to help kids feel safe. The idea was that families would put a paper sign inside the front windows of their house. The sign was a very simple hand print. The theory was that if a kid was ever walking […]

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