Here Is What I Know Today


I cannot put together a coherent blog today. Last night and today have been exhausting and draining in ways I certainly did not expect. But I can offer you a list of things I know today… I know last night the majority of the American people, albeit a slim one, voted for an America that […]

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An Urgent Plea to Republican Leaders


Dear Republican Leaders, I am writing and open letter to you, in the hopes that you will answer my urgent plea. In recent days, Donald Trump has increased both the frequency and stridency of his suggestions that our presidential election is “rigged.” Just today, Mr. Trump said the following at a rally in front of […]

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Election PTSD


It seems to me everybody I know is feeling it. A feeling that this election has stirred up the dark underbelly of American society. It’s like we’ve been cooking a big batch of chili, and dragged up the charred, bitter, burned detritus from the bottom of the pot.   We are stirred up. And what […]

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City Hawk


How about forgetting  politics for a moment? Turning our heads outward and upward? Here’s a song I wrote over the weekend. It’s about my spirit animal…Hawks. Feel free to share, and hope you enjoy it. Every time I see a Hawk, especially in the city, I gasp….they take me out of my self, and my […]

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We passed a significant milestone with Connections last Sunday night. We officially passed the $300,000 mark in funds raised by the band. Wow. Pretty freakin’ awesome. Key numbers: 10 years. 58 shows. $301,262 raised. Below, you’ll find some graphs, that detail how much has been raised for each beneficiary, and how much was raised each […]

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800 seguidoras

This, right here, is officially the 800th entry for “When EF Talks.” It’s a little hard to fathom, really. That’s a heck-of-a-lot ‘o writing over a heck-of-a-lot ‘o years.   By the numbers, we’ve had almost half a million reads (460,190, to be exact…) during that time. Eight hundred entries. 460,000 reads.(1) Wow… So, let […]

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Remembering Ken Foree

haitia copy

Ken Foree has died. Dr. Ken Foree lived a long and beautiful life, and died at his home this week, at age 91. As I have said many times over the years, Ken Foree was one of the kindest, most compassion, and most generous human beings I have ever known. He has a quiet, slow […]

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One Last Look, Before You Leap

I can’t tell you what my friend Tom Prasada-Rao meant when he wrote his song, “Maria.” I’ve probably heard him play it a couple of dozen times, and listened the recording a ton more than that. But I can tell you what the chorus means to me, and what I’ve known it would mean to […]

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These Rooms

MariaVideo - 1 (6)

We take Maria to college tomorrow. All week, I’ve been posting links to songs that speak to me in this moment of transition and change for all of us. Here’s another, very personal one. Many years ago, I wrote a song for Maria. It was recorded and released years ago. But I put down a […]

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“Moral Licensing” (You Need to Know About It)


“Why wasn’t there a whole new generation of Barack Obamas?” It’s a question Audie Cornish asked Gwen Ifill during an NPR interview last week. A year after President Obama’s first election in 2008, Ifill wrote a compelling book: “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” The thesis of the book was that […]

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