Your Full Height (New Song)


Here’s a new song from me. Stayed up till 3 am Saturday finishing it. I like how it came out. A song for our time, for the past few weeks, and for what may well be our “new normal” for a while… It’s been a crazy few weeks, yes? Inauguration. A President with disapproval ratings […]

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City Hawk


How about forgetting  politics for a moment? Turning our heads outward and upward? Here’s a song I wrote over the weekend. It’s about my spirit animal…Hawks. Feel free to share, and hope you enjoy it. Every time I see a Hawk, especially in the city, I gasp….they take me out of my self, and my […]

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We passed a significant milestone with Connections last Sunday night. We officially passed the $300,000 mark in funds raised by the band. Wow. Pretty freakin’ awesome. Key numbers: 10 years. 58 shows. $301,262 raised. Below, you’ll find some graphs, that detail how much has been raised for each beneficiary, and how much was raised each […]

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Let It Be


I believe sometimes our loved ones visit us in dreams, after they are gone. This happened to me when I was about ten. Just after my grandfather Frankie died, I dreamed he drove down to Dallas in the 1965 Mustang that, in the waking world, would eventually become mine. He woke us up and gathered […]

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Frank’s Cafe

Neighbors gather to celebrate New Year's Eve 1951 at Frank's Cafe, 1132 Lee Street, Covington, Kentucky ... at the corner of 12th & Lee Streets.  The cafe was operated by Frank Folkerth and his wife, Marguerite, of Park Hills.  Photographs taken December 31, 1950.  

Nobody in this picture has yet been identified, but they most certainly lived within a block or two of 12th and Lee to be celebrating New Year's in this neighborhood bar.

I continue to remember my Dad in all sorts of ways. One way is by pulling out, and finally finishing, this song I started years ago after a visit back to the place my Dad grew up (In Kentucky, just across the river from Cincy) So, here’s a demo. I really really like how it’s […]

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Lay It Down (A New Song)


I’ve always known grief is a process. As such, I’ve blogged and spoken of my Dad. It was almost certain I’d eventually write a song. So, here’s a demo…called “Lay it Down.” One thing’s for sure: It’s a lot easier to capture a range of emotion in a nine-page blog, than in a four minute […]

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Han and Luke


In keeping with my last blog on Star Wars and friendship, I dusted off, and reworked, an old song of mine with a Star Wars theme. I wrote it for Stu Roberts. It’s sappy and sentimental. But some songs are like that. Hope you like it   Han and Luke Long, long ago…in a […]

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Brand Spanky New Website


A quick word to say that my website has been completely updated. It’s mostly a website that supports my music, and it’s got new pictures, soundclips, videos, and more. (Or, at least old ones…finally collected together.) Check it out at While you’re there, sign up for my email list, check out the links to […]

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Unplugging (And a Demo of “Tell Myself”)

Tuesday morning sunrise at Camp Coho.

A few weeks back I was in a church meeting, and the self-care of ministers came up. A longtime Northaven member, who’s seen a lot of things, told me, “Eric, I think you do an excellent job at self-care. Better than any other minister I’ve  known.” She was mainly commenting on the fact that I’ve […]

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