Remembering Ken Foree

haitia copy

Ken Foree has died. Dr. Ken Foree lived a long and beautiful life, and died at his home this week, at age 91. As I have said many times over the years, Ken Foree was one of the kindest, most compassion, and most generous human beings I have ever known. He has a quiet, slow […]

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Carptenter’s for Christ- 100 Houses


At the midpoint of life, you start to take stock of your accomplishments and see where they rank. One of the most important accomplishments of my ministry —if not the most important— was being a part of the “100 House Challenge” at Highland Park UMC in Dallas. This Saturday, HPUMC’s “Carpenter’s for Christ” will dedicate […]

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The Heart of a Servant

foot washing-0071

I’ve just returned from DFW Airport, where I went to see off our Guatemala mission team. They are headed for a week of mission with the good folks of ODIM Guatemala, which Northaven helped found and still supports in numerous ways. But, while I was waiting for our team to make their way through baggage […]

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White Rock Ride With My New Go Pro


Last Friday, I made a second attempt at a long write with my new Go Pro camera. Here’s the route on a map. It came out pretty well, and I made a film of it: Great thanks to the folks at Northaven Church for their generous gift of this camera. It was a lot of […]

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Step Out


We leave for Guatemala in the morning. This song has been my ear worm for most of this year, from the great film “Walter Mitty.” I loved it. And I don’t care what you say. The story of a guy overcoming his fears and stepping out into the big world. I love, love, love the […]

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Time for a Time Change


Been catching up on some journaling this am. It strikes me that this month has been like drinking out of a fire hose. Events coming at me, fast and furious… — The Judge starting her law school teaching — Mary Clair’s resignation — George and Jack’s wedding — Maria getting her license — Our niece […]

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Faces of the Enemy. Faces of the Friend.


I’ve been troubled by the stories of the Volgograd bombings. More troubling to me are stories that additional suicide bombers may be fanning out across Russia. Reports are that Saratov is on high-alert right now. Many years ago now, I had the honor of visiting Saratov, Russia nine times over a seven-year period. These were […]

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Keep Moving Forward. Don’t Look Back.

For ten years, Dennise and I have lived with the memory of one of the most terrifying journeys we ever took. It was a pre-GPS navigation world. It was a pre-digital-photography world too. But since we have both now, we recreated this journey the other day, such that we now have pictures to tell the […]

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Better The Higher You Climb

Some days, you really do feel the past and future come together and touch each other. Today was one of those days for us, as Dennise and me went back to visit “Kasha-Katuwe, aka Tent Rocks,” here in New Mexico. You may recall that back in May, I blogged about our 20-year anniversary. Even though […]

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Please Do Not Listen to Pat Robertson

Good Lord, he’s done it again. Another horrible natural calamity, and Pat Robertson has again opened his mouth, inserted his foot, and generally embarrassed people of faith. I won’t repeat what he has said, but the gist of it is that he has claimed that this catastrophic earthquake befell Haiti because they are under the […]

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