It goes without saying (of course, if it really did, I would not be writing this) but….

The thoughts, opinions, ideas, stories, rants, meditations, songs, information written anywhere on this this blog are totally and completely my own, and do not reflect the views of any church, denomination, political party, elected official, close friend, relative, musical group, sports team, city, state, county, nation, artist or musician friend, other blogger, or anybody else you can think of.

They’re my thoughts and content, written as the human being that –first and foremost, and before anything else– I am.

Further, this blog is not a “free speech zone.” I do not approve any and all comments. Reasons for rejection might include (but are not limited to): tone, harmful language, inaccuracies or factual errors, etc. I reserve the right to limit commenting on any specific post, or from any specific person.

Again, this blog is my opinion zone, not a “free speech zone.”

(You are always free to create your own free speech zone, if you wish…)

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