One Last Look, Before You Leap

I can’t tell you what my friend Tom Prasada-Rao meant when he wrote his song, “Maria.” I’ve probably heard him play it a couple of dozen times, and listened the recording a ton more than that. But I can tell you what the chorus means to me, and what I’ve known it would mean to […]

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These Rooms

MariaVideo - 1 (6)

We take Maria to college tomorrow. All week, I’ve been posting links to songs that speak to me in this moment of transition and change for all of us. Here’s another, very personal one. Many years ago, I wrote a song for Maria. It was recorded and released years ago. But I put down a […]

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This Valentine’s Day


A bit earlier today, as I was checking out at Central Market, the cashier made a snarky comment that stuck in my craw. I was buying Valentine’s flowers, cards, and dinner for Dennise and me. As I swiped my card to the beep of the register, the cashier said, “Aw….just short-stem roses?” She said it […]

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(Friends: Today, I’m adding some original FB posts to my blog…posts I’ve made about my Dad in recent months…so that they are captured for posterity here…apologies for all these coming through your feed today….but thanks for understanding the need to keep the history…EF) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about breath. Those of you who […]

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Corny Dog Hero

(Borrowed from

I scarfed my traditional Fletcher’s Corny Dog at the State Fair yesterday. In fact, I had two. They were delicious, of course. But every year when I eat my Fletcher’s Corny Dog, my thoughts are taken away from the State Fair of Texas, to a most unlikely scene. Every year as I scarf my dog, […]

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