Final Score: Mavs 92 Heat 88 (Or that’s what it should have been, and here’s the video to prove it)

Update, June 23: OK…another update….
Due to the high traffic caused by these clips, I’ve moved them over to You can still get to them by clicking on the links below, as before, but you’ll be redirected to the clip at youtube. We’re just getting dangerously close to our bandwidth capacity for the month, and even with this we may still go over. seems to enlarge the image, which denigrates the quality. But you can rescale it back down to the appropriate size without too much trouble. If you have any trouble getting the video from the individual links, you can find all five clips here .
Three responses to my original post:
My response to your comments here.
The stats for the Finals support the video evidence
here. (Wade was treated differently)
Other bloggers agree: Wade was treated differently
My final comments on this issue

Original post:
Nobody likes a sore loser. And the truth is, the Mavs could have played
much better in game six. The bench was way more uneven than it should have been. No question. Dirk could have been more consistent. And, for some reason, we couldn’t sustain our hot streaks from the field.

Yes, nobody likes a sore loser. But as I said earlier tonight, Dwyane Wade is the greatest actor since Marlon Brando, and I’ve got the video evidence to prove it. He has a remarkable ability to get the refs to call fouls in his favor, when no fouls actually exist.

And, in a game when the stakes are this high, pointing this out is not being a sore loser. It’s just demanding that the officiating be fairer and more honest when the stakes are this high and the teams this even.

I’ll opine about this more later…but let’s go to the clips….

The following clearly shows FIVE –count them, five– phantom fouls that Wade got to break his way, resulting in SEVEN free throw points for the Heat.

Phantom Foul 1: Wade and Jason Terry (48 seconds left in the first)

Wade goes left, shoots the jumper. Fine. But then, watch as he dramatically collapses backwards, as if Terry hit him with a hammer. Watch for the second slower motion close-up that clearly shows no contact between the two…and dramatically shows Wade’s fake fall.
Free throws made off this phantom foul: 1 point

Phantom Foul 2: Wade and Devon Harris (16 seconds left in the first)

Less than a minute later, we find phantom foul number two. This time, Wade charges in on Harris, and clearly elbows him. When they saw Harris’ reaction to the call, both of the ABC announcers said, and I quote, “Harris has a legitimate beef.”
Free throws made off this phantom foul: 2 points

Phantom Foul 3: Wade and Marquis Daniel (2:14 left, second quarter)

Watch as Wade drives on Daniel (number 6) and scores without Daniel ever touching him. The second and third show motion replays show the lack of contact even more clearly.
Free throws made off this phantom foul: 1 point

Phantom Foul 4: Wade and Marquis Daniel (8 seconds left in the third)

This one comes not on a shot, but on a rebound attempt. The three is attempted from crosscourt, and Wade goes up for the rebound. It’s his own momentum that throws him out of bounds…but watch again his great acting skills, as he makes it seem that Daniel pushed him.
New information!
A reader today encouraged me to look at what happens at the top of the court, once Posey takes the shot. And what happens is amazing. Posey clearly trips Dirk and sends him into the stands. Even if you say that their legs just got tangled, there’s a point at which Posey is clearly tripping Dirk.
Free throws made off this phantom foul: 1 point

Phantom Foul 5: Wade and Dirk Nowitski (28 seconds left in the game)

This one, the crowd really reacted to. Wade drives on Dirk, and clearly body checks him with his right arm. It’s not even a matter of whether or not Dirk was moving, or was set…it’s WADE who crashes into Dirk.
Free throws made off this phantom foul: 2 points

Total phantom points:

Real final score:
Dallas: 92
Miami: 88

Nobody likes a sore loser. But it’s not sore losing to point out such ridiculously obvious calls. And, officiating has clearly been such a key part of this game. When Jason Terry punched Michael Finley, the league had no problem going back and reversing the call on the field, and suspending Terry. When Jerry Stackhouse hit Shaq hard in game five, they had no problem doing exactly the same thing to Stack.

So why is it that THOSE kind of plays are reviewable and have the consequence of a suspension, but THESE bogus foul calls are allowed to stand when the consequence is a bogus championship?

That makes no sense at all.

I’m sorry, it’s not being a whiner to say the Mavs were robbed.

Because we were.


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