May You Find This Kind of Joy This Christmas

Christmas In the Trenches

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the still-amazing “Christmas In the Trenches.” Even 100-years down history’s road, it’s an amazing story, and the subject of my December column for the Preston Hollow… Continue reading

Jesus Ruins Christmas

A Christmas song from the great David Wilcox. Basically, what would happen if you imagined that Jesus’ entry into the Temple took place during, say, this very week during Christmastime, at a shopping… Continue reading

A New Video: Midnight Clear Mashup

The More We Are Thankful, The More We Are Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving morning, and I thought I’d jot off a few thoughts for the day. The Judge is busy cooking. The Divine Miss M is watching the parade on TV. Daisy is freaking… Continue reading

Who Is Really Insane?

The more I meditate on it, the more completely insane it seems that Charles Manson has been issued a marriage license. Soon, if reports are to be believed, he’ll be legally married in… Continue reading

Honor Dr. Salia on Friday at Connections’ Show

Connection is playing a show this Friday at Northaven. We’re again raising money for a good cause: fighting the scourge of Ebola in Africa. But this morning, the show became a little more… Continue reading

PHA: Conflicting Traditions Remind Us To Be Thankful

Thanksgiving dominates November. And whatever our religion, we all celebrate the holiday. In fact, more than any other national holiday, Thanksgiving has profound spiritual roots. But almost as popular in our culture today… Continue reading

White Rock Ride With My New Go Pro

Last Friday, I made a second attempt at a long write with my new Go Pro camera. Here’s the route on a map. It came out pretty well, and I made a film… Continue reading

When I Say “Thank You For Your Service”

Veterans Day, like Christmas, has a powerful holiday-kernel buried deep within, that is worthy of our attention and observance . Unfortunately, like Christmas, our culture has mangled and obscured that kernel, sometimes beyond… Continue reading