Quick Thoughts On Today’s Non-Violent Witness

We are safe. We are healthy. All is well. Today’s action, it seems to me, went incredibly well, from any way you choose to look at it. More than 100 faith leaders (many… Continue reading

Remembering the Bullet Holes

Today’s #TBT is this picture from 2005. It was taken on our mission trip that year, to visit our friends at Maria Madre de los Pobres Church in San Salvador. In case it’s… Continue reading

Calling Our Nation To Do More On Immigration

A reflection from Dr. Owen Ross and Rev. Eric Folkerth: Tomorrow, the two of us will travel to Washington DC to take part in a non-violent action to support just treatment of immigrants… Continue reading

A War To End All Wars

On the SMU campus just behind Perkins Hall Administration, tucked beneath a grove of stately oaks, you’ll find this small memorial. I first stumbled across it more than twenty-years-ago now, during my frequent… Continue reading

Standing Up for Immigrants

Northaven Friends, and Friends Beyond, Those of you at worship today were a part of the beautiful “sending prayer” that the congregation gave me at the end of the service. I was deeply… Continue reading

Eating Always Involves Death

For years, I’ve liked to say: “Eating always involves death.” There is no way around this. Native Americans realized this and used to pray prayers of thanks for the animals/plants that had given… Continue reading

Remember the Lady of the Harbor

Maybe the people of Murietta are just too many miles from the Lady of the Harbor. Maybe in their comfortable Southern California town, far away from Liberty’s statue, it’s just too easy to forget… Continue reading

Unplugging (And a Demo of “Tell Myself”)

A few weeks back I was in a church meeting, and the self-care of ministers came up. A longtime Northaven member, who’s seen a lot of things, told me, “Eric, I think you… Continue reading

Anna Jarvis Had It Right

Think Mother’s Day has become too commercial? Think the greeting card companies control too much? Think the florists and chocolatiers have become more important than the real meaning of the day? The founder… Continue reading

It’s Not Our Tent

This was the devotional at our Staff Parish Committee Meeting last night, offered by one of our great layfolks. An important word for all of us in the UMC, where ever we come… Continue reading