We Found Those Young People Your Church Has Been Looking For

Hey! Good news! We found those young people your church keeps saying they are looking for. You know, the next generation that we keep hoping will come in our doors and save us?… Continue reading

They Buried The Lead

In journalism school, we were taught to not “bury the lead.” Whatever the most important fact of a story is, don’t stick it way down in the middle. Put it right at the… Continue reading

The New Presidential Politics. Bought to You by Citizens United.

It’s been said we Americans get the government we deserve. We get the campaigns we deserve too. Right now, Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican Party primary, much to the shock… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Divine Miss M

The very first game most babies play is “Peek-A-Boo.” Even before they can walk —when they can do little more than see a foot or two ahead— babies play this game for hours.… Continue reading

The Other 2,099 Christian Clerks

As newly minted media martyr, Kim Davis, enjoys what is no doubt the last of her fifteen minutes, I’ve heard many on the Religious Right repeat the following call to action: “We (read:… Continue reading

No. It’s Not the Same.

I’ve not commented publicly on the Kim Davis issue thus far. Primarily because it’s clear to me Davis is now, at best, simply courting publicity and being used by the Christian Right to… Continue reading

The Jot and Tittle of Ginny Mikita’s Situation

This week, the United Methodist world has been up in arms at the treatment of Ginny Mikita. Mikita, a lay woman from a church in Michigan, has been summarily removed from church membership… Continue reading

How To Be A Progressive Christian Without Being A Grump About It

How To Be A Progressive Christian Without Being A Grump About It.

I Am A Man

The Power of Belief. The Power of Fear.

Oh, Texas. For the love of Sam Houston’s ghost… The news out today is that the Jade Helm conspiracy is alive and well. And, worse, 44 percent of us Texans believe the US… Continue reading