How To Be A Progressive Christian Without Being A Grump About It

How To Be A Progressive Christian Without Being A Grump About It.

I Am A Man

The Power of Belief. The Power of Fear.

Oh, Texas. For the love of Sam Houston’s ghost… The news out today is that the Jade Helm conspiracy is alive and well. And, worse, 44 percent of us Texans believe the US… Continue reading

When Anyone Is More Free, Everybody Wins

It’s been years since I felt quite this patriotic on the 4th of July. It’s been years since the arc of American history has bent quite so dramatically toward justice. All week, I’ve… Continue reading

Dear American Christians (Part Two)

Dear American Christians, I wrote you earlier this year about much the same thing I will say today. And, in truth, I’m not really speaking to all American Christians. Just those who believe… Continue reading

What Is Scapegoating?

The scapegoat is an ancient religious ritual that has been brought forward into modern times by our media culture. The scapegoat was a ritual animal that was either sacrificed, or driven from the… Continue reading

Dear UM Moderates: What We Need To Hear You Say

Dear United Methodist Moderates: I call you to publicly support the civil marriage rights of gay and lesbian persons, and to implore our civil servants to support the constitution. Whatever your personal/theological views… Continue reading

The Journey’s Never Over

There are few days where you absolutely know that you are a witness to history. Yesterday was one of those days. And this morning –almost 24-hours to the minute after our dear friends… Continue reading

Pete Rose Was My First Hero

I can’t speak to #PeteRose fairly. I suppose I will ask that anyone who feels like they can refrain from doing so here. I know what you’ll say. I don’t need to hear… Continue reading

Yes, I’m Gonna be a “Homer” About This

I’m gonna get accused of being a homer with this, but so be it… I’ve been thinking more about the shooting Sunday night, and the mind-blowing truth that none of this involved local… Continue reading