Mom at 80

“Hey Rookie…you were good”

Now and then, baseball stories like “The Natural” actually happen for real. But when they do, they don’t look like Robert Redford. They look like Guilder Rodriguez. Guilder Rodriguez is the feel-good baseball… Continue reading

And She’s Gone (Summer, That Is)

It’s now officially Fall. Believe it or not, Fall is my second-favorite season, after Summer. So, in my own personal economy of seasons, I’m not totally upset by what’s the come over the… Continue reading

PHA: How Our Pets Challenge Us To Live Our Best Lives

I named my first dog in the deli section of the Preston Royal Tom Thumb when I was 5 years old. We were adopting a beagle puppy (probably because of Snoopy). My mom… Continue reading

My Eulogy for Rev. William K. McElvaney

As you might imagine, I’ve prayed a long time about what to say today. What can I say to honor a man who was, no joke, my favorite professor in seminary, and later… Continue reading

A Tribute to Bill Warrick

The Spin Cycle

I’ve been feeling pretty bad the past few days. Just run down, tired. My bones hurt. That doesn’t happen to me very often. But my joints literally hurt. I’m virtually positive that it’s… Continue reading

Life Is Short

Video Remembrances of Bill McElvaney

As many of you will know, Dr. Bill McElvaney died earlier today. I will most definitely have much more to say about Bill in the coming days and weeks. But, for now, I… Continue reading

Daisy @ The Lake