The Terrifying Thing about Good Friday

Whatever you think of the “necessity” of Jesus dying, the facts are that he was crucified. That is how he died. That a figure named Jesus was likely crucified is one of the… Continue reading

Troubled Times

Somehow, I missed the big news yesterday that sixty conservative UM clergy had a conference call, the purpose of which was to discuss separation of the denomination. I first found out about it… Continue reading

A Flood of Thoughts on Noah (Sorry. Couldn’t Help Myself)

I saw Noah over the weekend. Stop reading now, if you don’t want spoilers. Seriously. Right now. As a preacher –and somebody who’s heard endless blogviating (blogging + bloviating) on this movie for… Continue reading

New Specs. New Headshot.


This is a repost from Facebook of a game Alan Gann got me playing….where you write on a particular year in your life. It’s fascinating that Alan Gann assigned me “30” for the… Continue reading

Step Out

We leave for Guatemala in the morning. This song has been my ear worm for most of this year, from the great film “Walter Mitty.” I loved it. And I don’t care what… Continue reading

Time for a Time Change

Been catching up on some journaling this am. It strikes me that this month has been like drinking out of a fire hose. Events coming at me, fast and furious… – The Judge… Continue reading

Live and Let Live Can Work

Dear Big Middle*, Sorry it’s been several weeks since my last installment of “Dear Big Middle” blogs. We’ve had a lot going on around here. These “Dear Big Middle” blogs are designed to… Continue reading

Do You Believe Now?

In January, our Emeritus Pastor Rev. Bill McElvaney announced that he will perform same sex weddings. Several weeks ago, George and Jack announced their plan to be married this coming Saturday by Rev.… Continue reading

They’re Not Marrying You

Dear Big Middle, Time for the second installment of “Dear Big Middle” blogs, aimed at debunking the anti-same-sex marriage arguments one by one. The goal is to take on one issue at a… Continue reading