My Remarks at Faith Advocacy Day

Today, I am in Austin for Faith Advocacy Day. I’m honored to be the emcee of an interfaith event at the State Capitol, supporting equality for the LGBT community. If you’re a person… Continue reading

Brian Williams, Chris Kyle, and “The Moral Outrage Machine”©

Brian Williams has not survived the kerfuffle over his helicopter ride in Iraq. And, personally, I think that is a shame. As has been said many times the past few days: The only… Continue reading

Look No Further Than This

Yesterday was “Muslim Day” at the State Capital. Hundreds of Muslims gathered peacefully and exercised their constitutional right of speech and assembly. But, right in the middle of their peaceful gathering, this happened:… Continue reading

Friendships Matter

As I left yesterday’s interfaith gathering at Northaven, I was filled with joy, peace, and hope. Everything about it exceeded our expectations. There were double the number of folks that we assumed would… Continue reading

An Interfaith Statement of Support for Muslims in Dallas

The following was the interfaith statement read at yesterday’s gathering. Dozens of clergy from all traditions stood with us, as this statement was read. An Interfaith Statement We have gathered here today out… Continue reading

Supporting Muslim Friends, Standing Against Hate

Friends, Northaven is honored to be hosting an event, Sunday afternoon, supporting our Muslim brothers and sisters, in the wake of vitriolic protests last weekend in Garland. It will be at 4 pm… Continue reading

MLK and Karen Armstrong

In the midst of a long ride on this absolutely gorgeous MLK day. Temperatures almost near 70°. Lots of people out here enjoying the day. Almost no wind and I’m just flying around.… Continue reading

German POWs and the Third Base Line

First ride of the year today. Lots of families out here. Lots of kids riding what appeared to be brand-new Christmas bikes. A couple of strange pictures for you today. Strange, until I… Continue reading

Tears on the Way Home

I burst into tears on the way home from my bike ride tonight. They were unexpected tears, to be sure. And they had nothing at all to do with the ride. In fact,… Continue reading

The Light Shines On In the Darkness

Right now, in the garage of Fire Station #6 in Livermore, California, there’s a small, pear-shaped light bulb illuminating this Christmas Eve. That’s not really a spectacular, I suppose. There’s probably a light… Continue reading