Donald Trump’s Christian Mirror

Donald Trump holds up various mirrors to American society. If you don’t understand this, you’ve probably misunderstood why he’s so popular. Trump’s outrageous political statements are a kind of Political Mirror for many… Continue reading

Frank’s Cafe

I continue to remember my Dad in all sorts of ways. One way is by pulling out, and finally finishing, this song I started years ago after a visit back to the place… Continue reading

Glenn Frey

Been away from home all day and now that I’m home, I’m feeling the full weight of Glenn Frey’s passing. Unreal. So strange to come home, open up the computer, and see that… Continue reading

Lay It Down (A New Song)

I’ve always known grief is a process. As such, I’ve blogged and spoken of my Dad. It was almost certain I’d eventually write a song. So, here’s a demo…called “Lay it Down.” One… Continue reading

Video Message for January 7th

Han and Luke

In keeping with my last blog on Star Wars and friendship, I dusted off, and reworked, an old song of mine with a Star Wars theme. I wrote it for Stu Roberts. It’s… Continue reading

Faith In Your Friends (A Star Wars blog)

Star Wars does two unique things no other film series ever has. Each “Episode” pulls us deeper in to a story that, in George Lucas’ own words, is not first and foremost about… Continue reading

My Vlog This Week (Advent 4)

Video/Pics From the March Against Hate

I’ve gathered my favorite videos and pics from our #UniteAgainstHate March and Rally over the weekend. For those who didn’t hear, I’ve been honored to be a part of a multi-faith, multicultural group,… Continue reading

Eric’s Vlog for 12.11.15

Friends, please watch and share my video message for the week… Two events we are invited to this weekend: 1) Beth El Binah invites us to a Hannukah celebration, tonight at 7:30 at… Continue reading