Ivanka Trump is a Full Grown Woman

(Getty Images)

Dear President Trump, Your daughter, Ivanka Trump, is a full grown woman. That is a statement of the obvious, but given your statements of the past day, and the defense of your press secretary of your daughter, I feel it important to state this plainly. Your daughter is also a member of your inner circle, […]

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“This is what Dallas Looks Like”


Muslims are under attack by executive order of our President, and by terrorists in Quebec. Make no mistake, one is related to the other. Laws such as Trump’s Muslim ban give “moral license” to bigots and crazy people. No, it is not direct causality. But these laws, and the embrace of them by preachers such […]

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Here Is What I Know Today


I cannot put together a coherent blog today. Last night and today have been exhausting and draining in ways I certainly did not expect. But I can offer you a list of things I know today… I know last night the majority of the American people, albeit a slim one, voted for an America that […]

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An Urgent Plea to Republican Leaders


Dear Republican Leaders, I am writing and open letter to you, in the hopes that you will answer my urgent plea. In recent days, Donald Trump has increased both the frequency and stridency of his suggestions that our presidential election is “rigged.” Just today, Mr. Trump said the following at a rally in front of […]

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Election PTSD


It seems to me everybody I know is feeling it. A feeling that this election has stirred up the dark underbelly of American society. It’s like we’ve been cooking a big batch of chili, and dragged up the charred, bitter, burned detritus from the bottom of the pot.   We are stirred up. And what […]

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“Moral Licensing” (You Need to Know About It)


“Why wasn’t there a whole new generation of Barack Obamas?” It’s a question Audie Cornish asked Gwen Ifill during an NPR interview last week. A year after President Obama’s first election in 2008, Ifill wrote a compelling book: “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” The thesis of the book was that […]

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Faithful, Patriotic And Progressive

Rev. William Barber speaks during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Thursday, July 28, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Perhaps a decade ago now, I got a call from a reporter with The Dallas Morning News who was working on a story, and wanted to interview me. The story was on the so-called rise of “Progressive Christian Churches.” We talked on the phone for about an hour. She sent a photographer to the church […]

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Keep Hope Alive


As I watched Bernie Sanders’ speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, I was taken back to 1988, and the night Jesse Jackson spoke. I had voted for Jesse Jackson in the primaries, and was a big supporter of his that year. This followed two straight previous elections where I had voted for Ronald […]

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Sermon In Response to the Dallas Shootings


This is different, isn’t it? We’ve been here before. We’ve been in church, the Sunday after some mass shooting…somewhere…and we’ve viscerally felt the horror and the shock. You’ve heard me preach on those Sundays. But this is so different. This is our home. Our city. Violence toward our police. In our downtown, where some of […]

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What Finally Becomes Of Our Fears


Two images are seared into my brain from a long and newsy day. The first are images of bloody and fearful Belgians, fleeing violent bombings. I saw these wordless images this morning, on the 24-hour news channel in a hospital waiting room, as I sat with a church member while his wife had surgery. It […]

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