Message To General Conference Delegates


Friends, This blog is a message to delegates to the upcoming United Methodist General Conference. If you are a delegate, I hope you’ll watch it. If you know a delegate, I hope you’ll forward it to them. The primary message is this: “Restructuring” or “Reframing” will not help solve the intractable conflict over LGBT issues […]

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They’re Not Marrying You


Dear Big Middle, Time for the second installment of “Dear Big Middle” blogs, aimed at debunking the anti-same-sex marriage arguments one by one. The goal is to take on one issue at a time, and to speak to the “Big Middle” of the United Methodist Church. (Or, really, anybody I suppose who fancies themselves an […]

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The Non Sequitur of the “Slippery Slope”


Dear Big Middle,* This is our first real blog together! I’m glad you stopped by to read. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should probably read this first. It will help you understand whether or not these posts are even aimed at you. I thought I would start with the easier issues […]

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Dear Big Middle


Dear Big Middle,* Today I start a series of short blog entries, aimed at The Big Middle of the United Methodist Church. “Big Middle” is a term of endearment. Many people believe you Big Middlites actually hold the key to our being able to move forward on the issue of same sex marriage. I agree […]

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